Zen & Tea silent retreat

- one-day retreat with ceremonies & meditation

Dear friends, we invite you to a one-day meditation retreat. This retreat is a great opportunity to practice meditation for a full day, without interruptions that usually plague us in our everyday life. This will be a silent retreat with a few instructions from the guides. Please be ready to spend this day without your mobile phone, let people know that you will be unavailable.
There will be sitting zazen meditation, tea meditation, walking meditation, meditation while eating (light vegan meal and snacks - no products of animal origin will be used), singing bowls meditation and sutra chanting.
For those who have not been meditating for long, this retreat will be an opportunity to see and feel how meditation works not only while sitting but also while performing different everyday tasks. For those who have been practising for some time, this is an opportunity to deepen your practice
The retreat will be led by Anya Seishin Platunova (zazen meditation) and Yuliya Life (tea and singing bowl meditation).
Two seperate dates is offered:
October 6 at 08:00-15:00
November 17 at 08:00-15:00
Registration: Use the Boka tid link above
Participation fee 600-900 SEK.
This retreat is powered by a new financial model called Transparent Generosity. This is a model designed to encourage generosity, transparency, and reciprocity as a basis for training together. The participation fee is 600-900 SEK on a sliding scale. Choose a sum that best fits your financial situation. If you cannot afford the suggested price, contact us to ask for a lowered fee. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. The hope is that this transparent generosity model enables deeper human connection to arise over the course of the retreat together while ensuring that everyone has their needs met.
You can read more about Transparent Generosity on the Buddhist Geeks Meta.
One Drop Zendo and GTH members 400 SEK.

Payment method:

Swish: 123-619 24 96
Bankgiro: 408-8506
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Teenagers are welcome, please talk to us beforehand if you are planning to come with one.
 The retreat is being held from 8:00 to 15:00 at Yogini. The retreat has the following activities:

  • sitting zazen meditation
  • walking meditation
  • tea meditation
  •  eating meditation
  • singing bowl meditation.
Ретрит будет проходить на английском языке, но мы также можем объяснить на русском языке, если это необходимо.